Monday, June 28, 2010

Proposal to hold a World Peace Forum "Peace in hands of everyone"

This post is for anyone interested in the World Peace Forum in the Ukraine. You can read all the details at the main website for the organization State of Planet.

This is the original invitation post:




Come on!

We are beginning to develop a plan for the World Peace Forum "Peace in hands of everyone". The main purpose of the forum:"Every inhabitant can believe that life on our planet tomorrow depends on his steps today". The main difference of this forum lies in the fact that its conduct is initiated by ordinary people who are not endowed with the attributes of power. Already accept your suggestions on the plan of its holding. We invite all interested individuals and international organizations of the world to cooperate on its organization and conduct. World Peace Forum can be combined with the first constituent conference of supporters State Of Planet MotherLand. Conducting such a World Peace Forum as possible on the basis of attracting a huge number of interested people, advocates of world peace and human rights activists, Pop stars and community organizations, tourist and commercial organizations, as well as the media. The same can be held separate meetings and rallies, for example:

Art and contemporary artists for world Peace, scientists have for world Peace, writers and poets for Peace, Students for Peace and so on.

The forum may be held exhibitions, concerts, meetings. He can become a real holiday for the sake of peace.

The venue can be a city of Odessa (Ukraine), which has good transport interchange, a developed infrastructure tourism and hotel industry, has experience in international events. Important fact contributing to an increase in the number of people participating in the Forum, is the presence of treaties on visa-free entry to Ukraine citizens of more than 50 states. Date to be agreed with the tour companies that can attract a large number of tourists to participate in the Forum. Also to be developed set of cultural activities that promote familiarity guests with Ukraine and its traditions.

Project initiator social union State Of Planet MotherLand

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